The Chausey Islands

A few miles from Granville, the archipelago of the Chausey Islands, a small natural paradise, is composed of 52 islands at high tide and 365 islets at low tide.


Board a shuttle from Granville

For an escapade on the Big Island, the largest of the archipelago, barely 2 km long and the only one inhabited year round.

Here, nature is generous and wild: no less than 500 floral species are listed, with a rather Mediterranean vegetation on the coast of the Pointe de la Tour, a Norman bocage in the center, several white sand beaches and dunes of gorse and broom. It is also a paradise for birds, with more than 200 species, including common mergansers, but also many gulls and cormorants.

To discover during your walk or bike ride
The 16th century castle
restauré en 1923 par le constructeur automobile Louis Renault tombé amoureux de l’archipel
The lighthouse
qui culmine à 39 mètres au-dessus de la mer, classé Monument historique
The chapel with its magnificent stained glass windows
The 18th century farmhouse, the oldest building on the island
The semaphore located at the top of the hill Gros-Mont
La maison du peintre Marin Marie
Les Tours Baudry et Lambert
Le village des Blainvillais avec ses maisonnées aux toits de chaume