Camping near fishing ponds

The guarantees of a fishing accommodation

Proximity to a fishing site of good environmental quality

Technical room for equipment storage

Water point for rinsing material and equipment

Live bins

Varied and adapted services, information and documentation (instructors and fishing guides, initiation structures, Internet access, magazines and fishing regulations…

No need to move

Fishing friends, vFishing cards are sold at the reception desk.
Managed by the fishing federation FNAAPPMA

The National Federation of Fishing in France (FNPF) and the protection of aquatic environments created by the law on water of December 30, 2006, includes 97 departmental federations of freshwater recreational fishing and their 3,700 approved associations of fishing and protection of aquatic environments (AAPPMA).

Presentation of the Gaule Marignaise


1st category

The Lozon, from its source to the road of St-Lô-Périers. The Terrette from its source to the road from Pont-Hébert to Tribehou.

2nd category

The Lozon up to its confluence with the Taute downstream from Tribehou. The Terrette to its confluence with the Taute downstream with Tribehou